Welcome to the Home page of ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, an enthusiastic volunteer organization which plays a major role in building long lasting relationships with your college mates & the college you have studied in.

The main objective of the association is to know whereabouts of your classmates, your seniors, those who have graduated since your time & also to keep in touch about the progress made by your Alma matter. This surely will provide you an opportunity to review contact & enlarge it both from personal & professional point of view.

From this ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, we have found that majority of our ALUMNI have continued to be successful, whether they have remained in Hi-tech or pursued new careers down entirely different paths. The association is committed to serve & unite the ALUMNI for the purpose of advancing the interests of CMS CET & its ALUMNI. The association will gather the news about its members periodically & pass it on to all the members. It will keep track of Promotions, change of employment, wedding bells ringing & also sweet cries of infant born.

Objectives of the association:
1.Expanding & updating the database of ALUMNI
2.Providing the alumni the information about the programs & events conducted in college
3.To promote fellow feeling amongst ALUMNI
4.To bring together the ALUMNI of the college by arranging frequent meetings.
5.To assist in campus recruitments, suitable placements & training for the students.
6.Setup guidance cell to aid present & past students